About Us

Who We Are

Wax & Timber is family owned with a mission to create a business where customers can have a trusting relationship with their suppliers. We want our candle components to elevate the overall aesthetic and make it stand out from competitors within a highly saturated market.
Andy Wolff
Chief Operating Officer
Michael Hoffman
Chief Financial Officer
Blake Meehan
Chief Growth Officer
Sterling Pfleiger
Chief Sales Officer

Wax & Timber's Commitment

At Wax & Timber we are committed to providing a sustainable, competitively priced, American Made product. Our number one mission is to be a supplier that helps allow your business to grow by keeping costs as low as possible and allowing you to fully customize your product to set yourself apart from your competition. We know that designing a look for your candle can be cumbersome, that’s why we offer personal customer service to every single customer, big or small.
Although our background is in large-scale manufacturing, we believe in catering to small businesses’ needs. This is why we keep our minimum order quantities at 100 lids per order. Small businesses are the backbone of America, and we believe that we can help set small businesses apart from their competition while still providing a low-cost product.

Our Responsibility

When we say that customer experience is at the core of what we do, we mean it! As stewards of our communities our goal is to leave our environment better than we found it so that it may continue to be enjoyed by our customers in the years to come. 100% of our wood is sustainably harvested, and our MDF is certified 100% recycled wood fiber. We currently have a 3-year plan to plant 10x more trees than we consume, provide more clean drinking water to third world countries than our process consumes, and for our lids to be 100% produced with clean, renewable energy.